our Privacy Policy

Tally Connector is a mobile application that brings your Tally ERP 9 data onto your smart phone. Application uses your google drive account to keep this data securely at your own end instead of any cloud server. This make sure that your data is not going out of your access.

You need to install a desktop based software on the system having Tally ERP 9 already installed. Data collected by this Desktop Software will be synced to your google drive account and will be used by your Tally Connector mobile app.

App facilitates you to view all important information that you need to know with the help of your accountant without his/her dependency. App even works without internet and display you all required information that was last synced from your google drive account.

Application never ask you for any access of your contact or sms information, it will be asked by Payment Process only that is being used by Payment Gateway.