Tally Connector

Connect to your Tally ERP 9

Tally Connector is a mobile application that brings your Tally ERP 9 data onto your smart phone. Application uses your google drive account to keep this data securely at your own end instead of any cloud server. This make sure that your data is not going out of your access.

You need to install a desktop based software on the system having Tally ERP 9 already installed. Data collected by this Desktop Software will be synced to your google drive account and will be used by your Tally Connector mobile app.

App facilitates you to view all important information that you need to know with the help of your accountant without his/her dependency. App even works without internet and display you all required information that was last synced from your google drive account.

"Your data is secure, it will be on your own google drive with google security."

How To Setup

1. Download Software

Download desktop software to install it on PC having Tally ERP 9

2. Install & Start

Install downloaded software, run it,
proceed with it step-by-step

3. Download Mobile App

Go to Play Store / App Store, download & run the App

What You Can See

Purchases / Sales

Most of your business decisions are driven by the performance of sales and purchase department. The more the sales your business registers, the better are the revenues and profits. Our Tally Connector app lets you keep a complete check on your purchase and sales. You can download the report to the latest voucher entry entered in Tally ERP 9 software. The best part is that you can download the report anytime per your convenience within a few clicks. Download the sales report for the day, month, quarter, or year based on your requirement. With the help of tally on mobile, strategize your sales target and goals to earn better numbers. Share the report with your teammates via email or WhatsApp.

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Receipts / Payments

Keep a track of your receipts and payments and manage your business with ease by downloading tally app for android or iOS. Tally Connector app lets you download complete report related to the product receipts and payments. Check the report for a month, quarter, or even a financial year per your requirement. A clear visibility in the in-process payments, outstanding payments, and successful payments, will help you manage your business processes efficiently. Keep a note on upcoming payment reminders and service renews, all within a single app under a few minutes. Share the report with your teammates via email or other allowable mediums within seconds.

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Receivables / Payables

Your account receivables refer to the amount that your customers need to pay to your company, while the payables refer to the amount your company owes to its suppliers. Both of them are an important aspect of your company’s current assets and liabilities. Keeping a track on them becomes easy with tally on mobile app. The software connects with your desktop Tally ERP 9 to help you access important data on the go. Simply download the account receivables and payables report from the tally ERP mobile app and be aware of the current asset position of your company. Get notifications related to any upcoming payment reminders or customer billing date.

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Day Book

You can have a complete look into your company’s day book or general ledger. Check all the entries made or transactions that were recorded in a day. This includes all the financial vouchers, debit notes, credit notes, inventory vouchers, and every kind of journal entry. With our tally on mobile app, you can check these important transactions of your business anywhere anytime. As the app can even work in offline mode, you can browse through the report with complete peace of mind even when you’re not connected to the internet. It will help you in managing the daily operations of your business and share it with your colleagues within seconds.

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Balance Sheet

A balance sheet is an important financial statement of your business. It gives you a clear idea of the financial position of your firm on a particular date for a particular accounting year. With Tally Connector, checking your balance sheet becomes easy. The tally ERP mobile app connects with the Tally ERP 9 software installed on your system and stores all the data securely on your Google Drive. With the security of Google, your data is safe and encrypted. So, download the balance sheet for any accounting year that is already entered in your Tally software, and analyze the financial position of your firm anytime anywhere.

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Trial Balance

The trial balance is again an important financial document that is required to prepare the final balance sheet and profit and loss account. Trial balance is important for the auditors of your company. With Tally Connector, you can download the trial balance report anytime using the application, and share it with your colleagues or auditors for giving them an insight into your company’s accounts. Do not worry about the security of the data stored on the tally mobile app, as it is synced through your Google Drive account with the security of Google.

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Profit & Loss

The profit and loss report gives you a complete insight into your company’s financial position. It includes information related to the net operating cost and net profit of your business. You can download the profit and loss report for your company via the tally ERP mobile app for the current year or previous years. You can compare the profit of the current year with the past year and chalk out effective strategies to reduce losses, all through a single mobile application. Share the report with your colleagues or board of directors via email or other allowable mediums.

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Tally Connector mobile app lets you check all your outstanding expenses critical to the business. This includes the receivables and payables, all within a few clicks. Our tally ERP mobile app also sends you notification for the bills that are due on a particular date. This ensures that you do not forget any of your important payments. You can also see the complete outstanding of every customer registered on the Tally ERP 9 along with his outstanding bills. Furthermore, you can also check the payment performance and ageing analysis of the customers to know about any delay in the payments. All this information will help you make informed decisions.

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Inventory Stocks

Tally Connector has a deep knowledge of the information that are crucial for the operation of a business. This includes the complete insight into the inventory stock of your company. You can view the individual stock items, number of sales, last sale date, performance, closing and opening value, etc. Our tally on mobile app gives you a quick access to your inventory and stock details, helping you take better sales and purchase decisions. You can also see the share list of customers to which any selected item is being sold. Download this report in PDF as well as excel format.

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our features

Multiple Companies

Tally Connector lets you sync and store data related to multiple companies on your smartphone through its mobile application. Tally ERP mobile app allows you to create multiple companies and store their financial data. You can also sync the data related to a particular company on your phone that you can access anywhere anytime. This feature helps you have complete visibility into your Tally ERP 9 software. Just ensure that your mobile has ample storage to store data of multiple companies.

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Multiple Fin. Years

Multiple companies can have multiple financial years. Hence, our Tally Connector mobile app also allows you to see data related to multiple financial years. Not only this, you can also see the list of dormant customers through the tally mobile app. Share a detailed report of different companies and their data with your teams as Excel or PDF files. Keep an eye on all your accounting data like never before. It allows you to set a different financial year for every company.

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Graph Analysis

Tally ERP mobile app helps you dive into a pool of information not just through numerical representation but via graphical analysis too. Graphs are very important in a business and can help portray a better and simplified view of any information. Your teammates and colleagues can easily understand and compare data from multiple years through the graphical representation. All the graphical images are made in high-definition quality to ensure that what you see is clear and easily visible. This feature also saves you from manually creating graphs through PowerPoint presentations. Have a better and clear look inside your data with the graph analysis feature from Tally Connector.

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Report Download

If you have already installed and working Tally ERP 9 on your desktop, you just need to install the desktop app of Tally Connector. Once done, download the tally mobile app and enjoy real-time data and insights straight on your mobile screen. You can download various reports related to the sales and purchase, bills receivables and payables, balance sheet, inventory stock report, ledger data, outstanding, etc. You can also check the purchase amount for every customer for a particular financial year. We also have a search option where you can directly search for a customer or a company.

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Report Share

We understand how important it is for a business to stay connected on the go. Going to attend your company’s general board of directors meeting but forgot to take the sales and purchase report? Don’t worry, simply download the report related to total sales and purchase in a year or a quarter and share it with your teammates via email or other allowable mediums. Tally ERP mobile app for android improves your productivity and helps you take better and informed decisions on the go. It also reduces the extra load and dependency on the accountant. Just download and view the latest information synced from your Google Drive account without having to call the accountant repeatedly.

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Works Offline

While the entire world is online and can’t perform without an active internet connection, our tally on mobile app is a bit advanced. Once you have transferred data from the Tally Connector desktop app to the mobile app, you can access the data even when there is no internet connection. However, it doesn’t show you data in real-time then; for updating the data you need to reconnect to the internet. This gives you the ease of work. Even on the days when your internet data runs out, you can keep working and stay updated on your company’s financial health.

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100% Secure

The Tally Connector mobile app is completely secured with end-to-end encryption of your data during upload and download. Tally Connector desktop app syncs the data that is stored in your Tally ERP 9 and encrypts it. The data is stored in your Google Drive from where it is synced with the mobile application of the Tally Connector. Your data is completely secure and will be saved on your own Google drive with the security of Google. You can also set a passcode to the tally mobile app to secure it from unauthorized access.

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Almost Real Time

We understand the value of time in the world of business. Hence, our Tally Connector app always tries to display the latest version of the data. The tally mobile app accesses the Tally ERP 9 software installed on your desktop in real-time. After setting the Tally Connector desktop app, your data in the app is automatically synced with the desktop version. This enables real-time data transfer between the apps. Thus, what you see on the app is mostly the latest version of the data. You don’t need to manually sync the data.

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Flexible Filters

Going through a humongous amount of data without the ability to filter is a complete waste of energy. Hence, in our tally on mobile app we have provided you the option to filter the data based on various parameters. In every report section, whether it is related to sales and purchase or receivables and payables, you can apply different filters to see only the data that you require. Some common filters that you can apply on the data are date filter, customer name, company name, order number, receipt no., etc. So, no need to go through an entire list looking for a particular data set, simply filter the result.

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